HOA Architectural Review and Community Standards

The Importance of HOA Community Standards

Every homeowners association has its own set of community standards to guide the community. These community standards let residents know what their obligations and responsibilities are to the association. And while they can be restrictive, they do serve a higher purpose.


Community standards keep communities desirable. They have a direct influence on curb appeal, which, in turn, can affect property values. To keep the community looking beautiful and protect property values, the Community Services Group inspects the community on a regular basis.  As needed they work with the residents to help educate the community on standards outlined in the governing documents.

Enforcing HOA Architectural Guidelines

Architectural guidelines exist to maintain consistency and uniformity in a planned community. While these guidelines can vary from one HOA to another, they typically regulate what owners can do with their homes, design-wise.


More often than not, associations require homeowners to go through an HOA architectural review process for any modifications, additions, or removals. Homeowners must submit a completed application form, along with supporting documentation, to the HOA board. The board will then review the application and make a decision in line with the community’s architectural standards.

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