Service Overview

Community Services Group offers a diverse range of Utah HOA management services tailored to suit your community’s needs.

Community Management

Association management can be difficult to handle, but not for us. Our community management services are designed to make the life of HOA board members easier. We offer our services to all types of communities, including but not limited to homeowners associations, townhome communities, condominiums, cooperatives, and civic associations.

Maintenance and Project Management

The Community Services Group can oversee and manage all maintenance work and projects in your association. From handling the entire vendor process to ensuring everything is functioning well, we can do it all.

Architectural / Community Standards

Rules make your community a better place to live, and we assist HOA boards with ensuring members remain compliant. In addition to community standards, we can also help process architectural requests.


Dues are the lifeblood of any community association. We make it easy for homeowners to remain in good standing by offering multiple payment options. We can also assist your HOA board with managing and settling delinquent accounts.

No Better Option

Community Services Group always puts your community’s best interests first. Get the best and all-around HOA management services in Salt Lake by partnering with us today.

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